Our Vision

Newland intends to be a leading developer of sustainable residential communities in Australia. This bold objective means we must consistently operate to the highest standards across every area of our business. We take very seriously the fact that Newland plays a key role in building better communities, and a more ecologically sustainable future for our country.


Our values and our beliefs guide every facet of our business, including inter-personal interaction with partners and customers, our decision making and our personal work behaviours.


Whether developing our own land, or providing development management and marketing services to others, we aim to create quality living environments for present and future generations.

This requires a combination of thoughtful environmental care, exceptional attention to both landscape design and built form, and a key understanding that communities must always be connected, innovative, and properly supported with facilities. Newland communities are places for all members of a family to live and thrive in whatever form that family takes.

In short, the work we do today determines the “soul” of a community in the future. In creating quality living environments, we recognise that truly ecologically sustainable development is that which meets the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to satisfy their own needs

We measure our success by our adherence to the following principles:

Leadership - we do not strive to merely do a little better in the way that things have always been done. As befits an Australian-owned business, our nature is bold, innovative, and pioneering.

Commercial Decision Making - we do not just respond rapidly to our markets, clients and partners. We anticipate their needs pro-actively.

Ethics and Integrity - we act openly, morally and honestly in all our business relationships and dealings.

Accountability - we strive to deliver superior results, and stretch our capabilities to achieve this consistently.

Positivity - we have a passion to exceed the expectations of colleagues, partners and the community.

Teamwork and Respect - is how we create success at all levels.

Safety - we always conduct ourselves in a safe manner for all.

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