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Newland has developed more than 20 residential projects across Australia.

We currently have in the order of 5,000 lots in projects across the country, worth around $2 billion once fully developed.


With a wealth of experience in land development and home building, Newland Developments brings a unique perspective and professionalism to large multi-phase developments.


Whether developing our own land or providing development management and marketing services to clients, we strive to create diverse, quality living environments for present and future generations.


This requires a combination of thoughtful environmental principles, exceptional attention to both landscape design and built form, and a strong understanding that communities must always be connected and properly supported with facilities.


Newland intends to be a leading developer of sustainable residential communities in Australia. This bold objective means we must consistently operate to the highest standards across every area of our business. We take very seriously the fact that Newland plays a key role in building a better, more inclusive and ecologically sustainable future for our country.


With a strong sense of ethical responsibility to our partners and customers, we consistently strive to be the best in the business at what we do. Our values and beliefs guide every facet of our business, including our personal work behaviours, decision making and inter-personal interaction with partners, stakeholders and customers.


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