Management Team

A generation’s experience in land acquisition and home building allow us to bring a unique perspective and professionalism to residential developments.

Mark Whinfield
General Manager Victoria

Mark has more than 20 years experience in the Development Sector, involved in major re-development and greenfield residential projects.  A number of these projects have been undertaken in Joint Ventures, working with a team of expert consultants to deliver successful outcomes for all.  Prior to his current role as General Manager at Newland, Mark was formally the General Manager of Urban Communities with VicUrban the Government’s Development Agency.

General Manager QUEENSLAND

Stuart is a professionally qualified Accountant (CPA) and Company Secretary (ACIS). Prior to entering the Development Industry in 1978, Stuart held financial positions in a diverse range of industries including Textiles and Stevedoring. Stuart joined the Metricon Group in 1993 in Melbourne and moved to Queensland in 1994 to commence the Development Operations in Queensland and New South Wales. Stuart has excellent experience in both Housing and Residential Development with over 15 years as a Senior Executive of Metricon and 30 years in the Housing and Development Industry.

finance director

A Chartered Accountant with many years of extensive experience in all aspects of accounting, finance and business with an emphasis on the property development industry, for many years Ashley was a partner of Ernst & Young. He joined Newland as a full time Director and CFO in 2005. Ashley is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, a registered Company Auditor and a Fellow Member of the Taxation Institute.

founder and director

A Company Founder and Director, Mario boasts more than 30 years experience in the residential property industry. Prior to Metricon, Mario was a CPA for Monmia Properties, Moore Williams and Sons and associated companies Stratford Estates.


Gideon started his career in corporate law and moved into corporate finance.  In the late 1990’s, Gideon moved into leadership roles at SEEK and Yahoo/Hotjobs (US). Upon returning to Australia in 2004, Gideon spent 15 years at Metricon as an executive and later on its board of directors. 

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